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How To Waterproof a Basement from the Inside.

This blog will explain the basics of interior waterproofing (inside the home). All products discussed can be found at the Waterproofing Warehouse.

Before you start waterproofing your basement, I recommend calling a professional. Nusite Contractors Ltd. is a great waterproofing company, that offers free, no-obligation quotes. They do great work and use great products.

If hiring a professional waterproofing company is out of the picture, or you are a contractor looking to get in the industry, read this blog to learn the basics of Interior Waterproofing. Please remember this is a recommendation and only one of the few ways to waterproof a home.

If you find any foundation issues while waterproofing PLEASE contact a foundation or concrete expert.

What supplies are needed for interior waterproofing?

Step 1: Set Up a Proper Ventilation System

Opening windows, industrial fans, masks, and dust removal are all highly recommended throughout the process. If precautions are not taken your safety will be at risk.

Step 2: Access the Wall

When a weeping tile system is installed we need access to the bare basement wall. If your basement is finished this can be done by removing stud walls (or the lower part of them).

Step 3: Open the Floor Slab

The floor slab located next to the foundation wall is then exposed. At this point, you dig a 12 to 15-inch (wide) trench from the base of the wall. This trench should reach the footing of the home (depth).

Supplies Needed:

  • Pick-Axe

  • Sledge Hammer

  • Jack-Hammer

  • Shovel

The Process:

  1. Dig a 12 to 15-inch trench from the base of the wall towards the centre of your basement. 12 to 15-inches is the trench width.

  2. The depth of the trench should be level with the footing of the home (This will vary).

  3. Clear out all rubble.

Step 3: Install and Secure the Weeping Tile

The weeping tile (drain pipe) is now installed into the trench. Weeping holes can be drilled into the bottom course of the concrete blocks and a perforated drain pipe will be placed in front of the footing.

Supplies Needed:

  • Weeping Tile (Perforated Pipe)

  • Weeping Tile Fittings (If needed)

  • Shot/ Pins

The Process:

  1. Lay the weeping tile along the footing of the home. You can secure the pipe by drilling weeping holes in the bottom of the perforated pipe. Your weeping tile is flexible and can be positioned to fit around corners. If you come to the end of your weeping tile, you can use a coupler, to connect it to a second pipe (and so on.). You can also use a Tee or Wye to connect multiple pipes.

Step 4: Apply Polyethylene-Dimpled Drainage Mat

This layer is made of a polyethylene-dimpled drainage mat (Planton Membrane). The mat

uses dimples to create an air gap so all moisture can be channelled to the drain. Any water that pools up under the floor will travel through the drainpipe to the sump liner where it is pushed outside of the home. The discharge pipe can be discretely hidden behind the finished wall.

Supplies Needed:

  • Planton Membrane (You will need enough to cover all of the exposed walls. Common sizes are 6'6" or 8' by 20 metres)

  • Shots/Pins

The Process:

  1. Hold the membrane along your wall and use your shots/ pins to secure it. Your membrane should run from the top of the weeping tile to approximately half a foot above ground level (the ground outside your home)

Step 5: Connect Your Weeping Tile to Your Sump Pump

Connect your weeping tile to your existing sump pump. If you do not have a sump pump you have to install one.

Supplies Needed:

  • Weeping Tile

  • Sump Pump

  • Sump Pump accessories

Step 6: Re-lay your concrete floor

Supplies Needed:

  • 3/4 Clear Gravel

  • Stone Mix Concrete

The Process:

  1. Fill the trench with 3/4 clear gravel. This will create a barrier between your weeping tile and concrete you are about to pour.

  2. Pour and level your concrete to match the pre-existing floor. This concrete should be a minimum of 2 inches thick.

  3. Let the concrete settle and dry.

About The Waterproofing Warehouse

The Waterproofing Warehouse sells all your waterproofing supply needs! Our goal is to provide you with quality products at great prices. As individuals who have worked in the waterproofing industry for over 30 years, we know how frustrating buying products can be. Let us become your one-stop-shop to make your job a little easier.

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